Sweet LIB


To the place I first open my eyes

To the place of my future and past 

To reason my love for Africa never dies

To  the place my mother calls home

Sweet Liberia, I salute thee

To the reason I’m proud to be called African

To the German plum, the monkey apple and those sweet sweet sugar cane

To the cassava leaf, the palm butter and the juicy torborgee

To the pem-pem boys ont he corner of Meclin and Carey Streets

Sweet Liberia, the very thought of thee excites me

To the hard times, the war and all it left behind

To the blood, tears and lives on the front lines from years of civil wars

To the devastation, the frustration and the reconstruction that came after

To the hope for the young and new generation

To the grona boys trying to make ends meet

To the children chasing cars selling cold water  in the streets 

To the land you’ve given those people

To the beautiful red, white and blue on our flag 

To the lone star representing the first Western Styled Independent Republic in Africa

sweet Liberia, I salute thee

To the glorious land of Liberty 

To the million reason only a few enjoy those liberties 

To the Lone star and Liberians everywhere

To the girls in the Grebo Bushes 

To the guys carry cutlass in the bushes 

To endless possibilites of a new day 

To the day it comes and people working towards it


Sweet Liberia 

I Salute Thee  

Photo Taken on top of what used to be the Ducor Palace Hotel in Central MONROVIA-LIBERIA.Credit: Kikiphotography


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