God is Real

If you have not heard India Arie’s God is Real, please do 🙂 


The sand beneath my feet
I will not dare count
The Ocean before me
There is almost no end
My eyes can look no further
The sun above me
The rays hitting my brown skin
I dare not look directly towards it
Then to my far left there are these giant rocks
Housed in the oceans
I wonder how they got there?
The waves keep hitting them continuously
Yet they never lose their shinning black color
The waves inching toward my feet, but does not touch it
Who tells them where to stop?
As it rushes back, they leave beautiful imprints on the sand
Who made these waves?
The salty oceans waters, the depth of its floors
Those foams on top of each waves
How much beauty there is in this one setting!
How, then can people doubt the existence of God?
If you want to give credit to a massive explosion for creation
You clearly have never seen what happens after explosions
I wish everyone could sit with me and see what I see
Today, I sat in the front row of “God is Real” exhibit
My God, Oh how GREAT thy art!

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